''Thehuman Voice is the most
perfect insrument of all''
- Arvo Part


Our voices tell a story everyday, whether it’s explaining your side of a detailed debate, confessing your love and adoration for that special someone or explaining to your child why “Mom knows best” as I do everyday these days.I’ve realized throughout my life that my voice is unique and has a distinct cadence to inspire, delight, and occasionally demand what’s wanted and needed.Using my voice to collaborate and create something new has always been both exciting and rewarding.

I feel pride and pure joy when I can help in the process of creating and fulfilling a vision.So, after 20 years coaching and mentoring young woman as a college basketball coach I decided to embark on the journey as a voice artist. Since stepping out on this journey I have experienced early success along with a few bumps, bruises and hiccups but one thing I can say is that I have had fun every step of the way.